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Simplicity House for Women
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      At Simplicity House, we believe that sobriety must be the first priority in order to accomplish the daily tasks of life and self-sufficiency.  It is our belief that each individual possesses the courage and ability to move toward sobriety.   Adopting an  “Attitude of Gratitude” in all aspects of life, and incorporating  a 12 step program is the cornerstone to long term success.  We believe that while chemically dependent individuals are not responsible for their disease, they are responsible for their own recovery.  Simplicity House provides a sober living environment that is dedicated to the successful  transition from inpatient programs to independent living.  The efforts that are put forth will ultimately determine their success in becoming a healthy, happy and  self sufficient recovering individual.  Nothing Changes…. If Nothing Changes…


Simplicity House is based on the AA/NA way of life.  I agree to live  the AA and NA way of life as long as I am residing at Simplicity House.


I agree that for the first 90 days residing at Simplicity House I will attend 90 meetings in 90 days.  A meeting is considered one of the following:  AA, NA or CA.
Any other group therapy session or meeting with your sponsor does not take the place of a meeting, unless you receive prior approval.

             *Attend at least 5 AA, NA or CA meetings per week after I have  completed  
              my 90 in 90 .
             *Work a AA, NA or CA program.
             *Have a Home Group and be an active member in it.             
             *Have a sponsor that I will speak to daily, and work the 12 steps with.
             *Follow all aftercare and continuing care treatment.                    
            *Have a full time job, be in school full time, or volunteer at a recognized agency  
              full  time within 2 weeks of occupancy at Simplicity House.                                                                                                                                                                                                        
            *Not act out or engage in physical or verbal confrontation on or off property.
            * Represent Simplicity House and the recovery community, I will wear 
               proper attire on and off property.

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